Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Xbox One FiOS TV app is available now

Xbox One FiOS TV app is available now

Xbox One FiOS TV app is available now

Microsoft made bold claims that the Xbox One would unite everyone's media center under their one device, but as it stands now, the cable box integration with OneGuide is clunky at best. Now Verizon's FiOS TV app is here to replace Microsoft's work in progress and save us from fits of voice control rage.

Xbox Live gamers who also subscribe to the Verizon's FiOS cable and Internet services be able to download free app from the Xbox marketplace to stream up to 74 channels of live TV right now.

Microsoft says the app comes programed to understand Kinect gesture contr ol and fully integrates with Xbox One's snap feature. Snap, of course, allows TV viewers to keep using the app on the side of the screen and watch their programs at the same time.

A work in progress

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Much like the Xbox One itself, the app seems to be still a work in progress. The app is missing basic functionality features such as scheduling DVR recordings and the ability to watch video-on-demand from the app.

To do either of these actions, users will have to switch back over to the real cable box and its remote. The real shocker is these basic app necessities are also missing on the Xbox 360 a pp that's has been around for over two years.

We can only hope Verizon is planning to release future updates that will fill in these missing gaps. But maybe users should hold their breath as the missing DVR and VOD bits also haven't been implemented into the iOS app or other platforms like the Roku. Perhaps big red expects everyone to buy its affordable Ellipsis Android tablet?


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