Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Foxtel Play finds its way to LG smart TVs

Foxtel Play finds its way to LG smart TVs

Foxtel Play finds its way to LG smart TVs

Foxtel has announced that its Foxtel Play service will now be available on a number of 2013 LG smart TV models.

Foxtel Play doesn't require a lock-in contract or the need for a set-top box, as long as your compatible smart LG TV is hooked up to broadband internet.

You can download the app starting today via LG's SmartWorld app store, and you can also check out if your LG TV model will be able to run the Foxtel Play app over on Foxtel's website.

Play gets more play

Already available on Windows PCs, Macs, Samsung smart TVs and the X box 360, and now on close to 20 LG smart TVs, Foxtel Play is becoming much more accessible.

It allows your subscription to span across a number of devices, while you also get access to the Foxtel Go app on iOS and Android.

And as Foxtel Play launched less than 6 months ago, we strongly suspect it will slowly make its way onto other TVs, as well as potentially next-gen consoles รข€" it's only a matter of time before it pops up on the Xbox One.

But while it's cheaper than a straight Foxtel subscription, it's still pricey. The lowest spend per month would be $ 25, while a subscription to all available packages will cost $ 100 per month - on top of your regular internet bill.

  • Check out our Foxtel Play review to see if it is a real IPTV contender.

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