Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why there's never been a better time to move to a new PC?

Why there's never been a better time to move to a new PC?

Why there's never been a better time to move to a new PC?

With the rush to adopt tablet PCs, the desktop and notebook computer can often be overlooked. However, with prices at an all-time low, and features now being included in PC desktop machines that have in the past been out of reach for many users, now is the time to upgrade to a new desktop or notebook PC.

If you already have a number of desktop and notebook machines running Windows XP or even older operating systems, moving to a new PC is also highly recommended. Many businesses will have aging hardware that can no longer cope with the demands placed upon it.

As small businesses need to look closely at the cost of moving to new equipment, buying new hardware is a considered purchase. However, when migration to Windows 7 or 8 is required, the purchase of new PCs that come pre-installed with the latest version of Windows can be a cost effective way to complete a migration.

Indeed, research by Dimensional carried out for Dell concluded that: "Upgrades from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8 are typically done in one of two ways: purchasing new hardware or re-imaging existing hardware. The largest group (30%) reported only hardware upgrades."

Future proofing any IT purchase can be difficult, but with Intel's Haswell (4th generation Core processor) offering extended battery life for notebook PCs, in particular, upgrading your business' machines to this processor is a sensible decision.

If desktop PCs make up the vast majority of your installed computers, upgrading to the current Core processors is ideal, as your business will have efficiency gains, as well as the ability to use Windows 8 with ease.

With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) sweeping across the busi ness landscape, many enterprises are also taking more control and issuing tablet PCs to their employees. Buying tablet PCs with the new Core processor will certainly offer a high level flexibility รข€" especially when you consider how Microsoft's Surface Pro could fit into your business' overall day-to-day operations.

Where once the upgrade path for desktop PCs was clear, today small business owners are faced with a plethora of options and form factors. Is this a good time to upgrade to new PCs? The amount of choice means a resounding yes to that question.

For small businesses running mission critical systems, taking a look at their existing set up may conclude that aging hardware is forcing their upgrade. But the fact is the arrival of new processors, the ability to develop a hybrid approach to any PC environment that can contain desktop, notebook and tablet PCs all running the same Windows 8 operating system, offers a level of integration that has not been poss ible before.

Consider how your business currently uses its installed PCs. Try not to be swept up in the tsunami that has been the tablet revolution, but consider your entire business' needs with its computing services.

Today, with masses of processing power, cheap storage, a new operating system that can span all types of computing devices, small businesses should upgrade their PCs now and take advantage of a computing environment that can meet their enterprises every need.


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