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Buying Guide: 5 best sites to trade in your iPhone

Buying Guide: 5 best sites to trade in your iPhone

Buying Guide: 5 best sites to trade in your iPhone

With the impending Apple iPhone launch, you're probably scrambling to get rid of your old iPhone to make sure you can get your hands on the new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, right?

It involves a bit of research and we know you don't have time for that, so we've created a list of the best sites to trade-in your iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 with estimates of the most recent maximum values for 64GB AT&T devices.

Since prices fluctuate according to the market and may change on you, we figured our estimates will give you a good idea of the prices you're getting.

If your phone is in great to good condition, you're bound to get a better deal - but if the phone is cracked, or has water damage the price won't be as high. Some sites may a lso give you better (or worse) prices depending on your carrier and model.

Hopefully we've saved you the trouble of researching the best sites for trade-in deals so you can better spend your time scouring our site for the latest iPhone news (iPhone 6, anyone?).

1. Amazon


Being the biggest internet e-tailer out there, it's no surprise Amazon has a trade-in program for just about everything including Apple phones.

To participate, just look up your device in the Amazon search bar, then look for the "Trade in" button on the righthand side of the page, sign in to your account and pro vide answers about the quality of your phone.

One thing to remember is that Amazon pays in gift cards, not cash.

Amazon's recent prices:

iPhone 5 around $ 441 (about £280.87, AUD$ 477.74)

iPhone 4S around $ 253 (about £161.14, AUD$ 274.08)

2. Gazelle


Gazelle is a great trade-in site that is currently offering a 30-day price lock guarantee to up to 50 days for orders placed before Sept. 10, or the day of Apple's announcement.

If you act fast, you can get today's price for your old iPhone but still keep it until the new iPhone is released, with Oct. 15 being the last day you can send in the old phone.

Simply head to the Gazelle site and select the phone you have to get an estimate. Gazelle pays with a che ck, Amazon gift card or PayPal.

Gazelle's recent prices:

iPhone 5 around $ 350 (about £222.92, AUD$ 379.16)

iPhone 4S around $ 220 (about £140.12, AUD$ 238.33)

3. BuyBackWorld


Another site with superb prices, BuyBackWorld's trade-in process is just as easy as Gazelle.

In fact they look pretty similar but that's fine - as long as you're getting a good price for your phones, we're happy.

Search the site for you iPhone or choose the iPhone category, select your carrier and model - then figure out if your phone is in excellent condition to get the best price.

BuyBackWorld's recent prices:

iPhone 5 around $ 415 (about £264.31, AUD$ 449.57)

iPhone 4S around $ 250 (about £159.23, AUD$ 270.83)

4. Best Buy

Best Buy

Best Buy has a surprisingly good program for trade-ins, though the site isn't nearly as nice to look at as the other ones.

However, it gets the job done and gives you decent prices for your old, Apple phones so it's definitely worth checking out.

Type "trade in" into the Best Buy search bar, select mobile phones and look up your iPhone model and carrier.

Like Amazon, Best Buy only offers store-exclusive gift cards.

Best Buy's recent prices:

iPhone 5 around $ 420 (about £267.50, AUD$ 454.99)

iPhone 4S around $ 241 (about £153.49, AUD$ 261.08)

5. Nextworth


Nextworth is another website similar the other buyback sites, and organizes its products into easy-to-find pages.

The site probably has the most efficient estimate system with only two questions you have to answer.

Nextworth pays through PayPal instantly, a mailed check, or a Target gift card. You can even get the Target gift card immediately by bringing your device into a participating Target store.

Nextworth's recent prices:

iPhone 5 around $ 410 (about £261.13, AUD$ 444.16)

iPhone 4S around $ 245 (about £156.04, AUD$ 265.41)


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