Monday, February 25, 2013

Valve head awarded Bafta's most prestigious honour

Valve head awarded Bafta's most prestigious honour

Valve supremo Gabe Newell is to be honoured with a Bafta fellowship at this year's British Academy Game Awards.

Newell is one of the most engaging and successful figures in gaming, and the fellowship is an acknowledgement of the contribution he has made.

One of leading people behind gaming leviathans like Half Life, Left 4 Dead, Portal and the Steam gaming system, Newell will pick up his award at the BAFTA Games Awards on March 5.

Newell will join the likes of Peter Molyneux, Will Wright and Shigeru Miyamoto as a Fellow.


The official release points not only to Newell's games, but also his work with communiti es and, of course, modders.

Probably the most famous mod of all time, Counter-Strike showed Valve's commitment to community, and games like Team Fortress have underlined the power of these groups.

We're broadly supportive of the award, but do wonder if it would have been better if the Academy had held on to it until Newell provided evidence that Half-Life 3 is close.

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