Friday, February 8, 2013

Dick Smith posting Kindle Paperwhites from next week

Dick Smith posting Kindle Paperwhites from next week

It's fantastic news for cave-dwelling hermits and submarine-stationed sailors alike. Amazon's self-illuminating Kindle Paperwhite will be officially available in Australia from next week.

Local retailer Dick Smith is now taking pre-orders for the ebook reader, charging AU$ 149 for the unit (plus postage) with the promise of delivery on Tuesday February 12.

The unit is a Wi-Fi only version, with 2GB internal storage and a 6-inch touchscreen e-ink display.

No pick-up lines

The pre-order page on the Dick Smith website explicitly states that this is an "online only" product, and not available in stores, suggesting there could be limited stock.

No other major Austr alian retailer is advertising the availability of local stock for the near future. The Kindle has been available through online retailers for a while though, with Amazon itself shipping the Paperwhite e-readers to Australia for the past few months.

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