Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

Review: Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

Review: Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

If you do a lot of typing or gaming that involves long periods of time using a keyboard, then you can do yourself a lot of good by getting an ergonomic keyboard such as the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard.

These keyboards are specially designed to reduce stress in the hands when typing, making for a more comfortable experience and reduced risk of RSI. Microsoft might be more famous for other things, but it has a long and distinguished history of creating ergonomic peripherals, and its Sculpt Comfort Keyboard continues this legacy.

The curved design keeps keys close to the fingers while typing, and the padded wrist support is comfortable to use.

This keyboard has been rele ased to coincide with Windows 8, so along with a redesigned Windows logo on the Windows key, some keys (known as the 'F' keys, eg F5) double as keys for Windows 8-specific tools and charms. These can be toggled by a switch, and when used with Windows 8 they work well, and make the new operating system a lot easier to get used to.

The keyboard is wireless and it also comes with a split spacebar, which is designed to improve typing efficiency, though we didn't notice too much difference.


Overall the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is an excellent ergonomic keyboard.

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