Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is this the first look at the Samsung smart watch?

Is this the first look at the Samsung smart watch?

Just a couple of days ago we brought you rumours that Samsung would be producing a rival to the Apple iWatch and launching its own smart watch. Well, here are what purport to be screens of Samsung's timepiece.

They're very unofficial, as they just popped up on a Korean message board, but they show the time-teller running what looks like Android - though the tiles on one screen aren't a million miles away from Windows Phone 8.

Time will tell

As well as telling the time, the watch appears to have music capabilities, messaging and what looks like an e-book reader. How useful that last feature may prove seems debatable: reading anything at length on a tiny screen would be a bit of a strain on the eyes.

A slide bar along the bottom suggests it'll be touchscreen too.

The watch also appears to be called the Samsung Galaxy Altius, though the Galaxy S4 was previously said to be codenamed Altius, so it's worth approaching these screens with a healthy dose of cynicism.

Apple reportedly has 100 people working on its iWatch, including those from the marketing department, so the device could well launch sooner rather than later. It's all just hearsay at the moment of course, but then that's how reports of devices like the iPhone and iPad started as well.

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