Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Narcissism wins again with Vine's 'Loop Count'

Narcissism wins again with Vine's 'Loop Count'

Narcissism wins again with Vine's 'Loop Count'

As if we needed another way to measure the popularity of our cat, baby and selfie videos, Vine has created a counter that enables users to monitor how many times people watch one of their videos. Think of "Loop Count" as an addition to the endless stream of content validation features on social media, such as "Likes," "Favorites" and "Views."

Vine users will be able to determine how many "loops" a video has received based on the number in the bottom right corner of a video - similar to how we monitor YouTube views.

However, unlike similar features on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, loops only count if a viewer views a video more than once. For example: one click does not count as a loop; however, if a viewer clicks and watches a v ideo twice, the video will receive two loops. Previously, users could only monitor the success of their posts based on "Likes" and "ReVines."

In addition to allowing users to monitor their own stats, Loop Count will provide viewers with details on which videos are worth watching based on how others have responded to the content.

They actually tested this...

Vine, which is owned by Twitter, has been testing the feature since April 3. Any videos created prior to that date will feature an icon that indicates the total number of views might actually be higher than indicated (because narcissism, that's why).

Loop Counts are available on mobile and desktop versions of Vine.

Vine has also added a notification mechanism that lets users know when posts reach milestones like 25 or 100 "Likes" (as if you're not maniacally monitoring this already).

In May, Vine announced that the web version of the mobile app will allow visitors to view content without being a registered member. One month earlier, Vine added a feature that lets users send each other private, direct messages (which will come in handy after you've looped someone's video 500 times).

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