Friday, July 11, 2014

Global PC market to grow in 2015

Global PC market to grow in 2015

Global PC market to grow in 2015

Tablets are expected to overtake personal computers (which includes desktops and laptops) by 2015 according to a report published by analyst firm Gartner.

Shipments of this form factor are expected to rise to more than 320 million next year compared to 256 million in 2014.

Shipments of personal computers however are largely expected to remain stagnant with a minor improvement (going from 308 million to 317 milliion units).

Gartner attributes this "relative revival" in the PC market to the business replacement cycle that has received a shot in the arm thanks to Windows XP upgrades.

"After declining 9.5 percent in 2013, the global PC market is on pace to contract only 2.9 percent in 2014," stated Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner.

Globally, mobile phones will account for about 1.9 billion units with the majority likely to be Android smartphones. Indeed, feature phones will represent only 12% of the market by the end of 2018 according to Gartner.

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