Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nokia shareholders ready to give Microsoft deal thumbs up

Nokia shareholders ready to give Microsoft deal thumbs up

Nokia shareholders ready to give Microsoft deal thumbs up

Today's the day Nokia shareholders vote to approve the sale of the company's devices and services to Microsoft, but the majority of them already appear to have given the deal the go-ahead.

Reuters today reported that Nokia shareholders appear ready to approve the previously announced sale to Microsoft of the onetime mobile goliath's devices and services businesses.

More than 99 percent of shareholders already registered their approval in advance of Tuesday's vote, which amoun ts to roughly 45 percent of the total Nokia shares, but requires only the approval of majority shareholders.

The Microsoft buyout, which also includes a 5.44B Euro (about US$ 7.37B, UK£4.57B, AU$ 7.82B) payment for licensing Nokia patents, is expected to infuse the onetime Finnish giant with nearly eight billion Euros (about US$ 10.84B, UK£6.72B, AU$ 11.5B) when it closes in early 2014.

Thank you for the music

While many outsiders rightfully assume Microsoft is picking Nokia's cupboards clean of all the best stuff, a new report claims that may not be entirely true.

According to Unwired View, the previously Lumia exclusive Nokia Music may not be packing its bags for Redmond, instead staying behind with the company's map software for a multi-platform expansion.

Screenshots dug up by Chinese website CTech seem to indicate that Nokia Music could wind up on Windows, OS X, iOS and Android courtesy of an HTML5 app that will also work on all leading web browsers.

Nokia already attempted the same feat a year ago with its free HERE Maps app for iOS, but there's no word on exactly when the HTML5-powered version of Music might actually make its debut.

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