Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Salesforce.com updates Chatter Mobile

Salesforce.com updates Chatter Mobile

Salesforce.com updates Chatter Mobile

Salesforce.com has brought out the latest version of its Chatter Mobile enterprise social network app, with new features aimed at helping companies customise it to their business processes.

The company described the move as part of its campaign to "double down" on mobile this year, and Nasi Jazayeri, General Manager for Salesforce Chatter, described it as a complete redesign to support the productivity of knowledge workers.

New features

Salesforce.com has flagged up three new features, the first being the ability to edit any record through Salesforce Chatter. Second is a dashboard facility that can enable users to prioritise tasks and act on intelligence in real time.

Third is the ability to create a customised action for a business scena rio, such as logging a support request, creating a work order, approving a candidate or creating an invoice. This can work for sales, service or marketing processes.

In May Salesforce.com announced plans to build Salesforce Chatter into its new Company Communities platform, which was build to help companies build mobile-friendly intranets, and in April it added a range of social intelligence tools to Chatter.


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