Monday, July 29, 2013

iOS 7 beta alludes to biometric sensor for next iPhone

iOS 7 beta alludes to biometric sensor for next iPhone

iOS 7 beta alludes to biometric sensor for next iPhone

The most recent version of the iOS 7 beta has leaked, prompting plenty of developers to go digging and see what Apple has in store for the latest iteration of its mobile operating system.

While there are plenty of fixes and tweaks coming, the biggest surprise came in the discovery of a new folder dubbed "BiometricKitUI."

Either undetected or not present in earlier versions of the beta, the new folder includes code strings detailing how the iPhone will be able to recognize a user through a sensor in the home button.

Though the code doesn't offer any clues as to whether this feature will be impl emented in the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6, it certainly appears as if all those patents and leaks may pan out sooner rather than later.

Can you digit?

The files were uncovered by Hamza Sood, whose s creengrabs showed in greater detail just how this new biometric scanner would work.

Though there were rumors the fingerprint scanning tech would be used in conjunction with a virtual wallet, the details present in the iOS 7 beta seem to hint at less grand schemes.

According to 9to5Mac's sources, the scanner will be merely used for unlocking the iPhone, and the coding gave no indication there would be more depth to the functionality.

As this is just a beta though, it's still entirely possible Apple will implement payment functions tied to biometrics at some point, however the Cupertino company may be waiting until all the kinks are worked out to introduce such a security-intensive fe ature.

Tweak leaks

Fortunately, even if you're not upgrading to a new iPhone, iOS 7's latest beta also included a host of improvements to the existing interface.

As 9to5Mac reported, the phone call and answer buttons have been retooled a bit, with clearer instructions on how to answer or avoid an incoming call.

A search bar can now be found in Reminders, AirPlay will have new icons, and the HDR function for the camera is now on the main screen instead of hidden away in options.

Siri, too, joins the update parade with a new Q&A feature, but it's not really clear how it works just based on the screenshots.

There will be a new button to change the resolution for iPhone-only apps on the iPad, and there will be new notifications you can choose for completed uploads as well.

iOS 7 camera UI leak

iTunes Radio readying broadcast

The latest iteration of the mobile OS wasn't the only beta pushed out this week by Apple, as developers also got their hands on iTunes 11.1 according to 9to5Mac.

Though we already believed iTunes Radio's launch would be synonymous with iOS 7's, the latest iTunes beta features a fully-integrated version of the streaming service, meaning it shouldn't be long until everyone can enjoy Apple's answer to Spotify and other competitors.

All-in-all, it's sounding quite like iOS 7 could be a major step forward for Apple, and could help the company close the gap on Android even further, or at the least, give it a bit more distance from the rest of the pack.


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