Sunday, March 3, 2013

Third-party cases point to iPad mini-style redesign for iPad 5

Third-party cases point to iPad mini-style redesign for iPad 5

There's little doubt Apple will unveil an iPad 5 this year, and judging from leaked third-party cases, it could be a dramatic overhaul for the market-leading tablet.

BGR reported Monday that images claiming to be third-party cases for a fifth-generation iPad have surfaced on Alibaba, a Chinese global trade website.

Made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material and available in six colors, the cases supplied by Shenzhen Sinofly Electronic Company Limited point to a possible new look for this year's iPad.

The key difference would be a form factor more in line with the iPad mi ni, complete with ready-made holes for placement of the larger tablet.

No announcement yet

Without an official announcement from Apple, it's impossible to say for certain what an iPad 5 might actually look like, despite recent leaks to the contrary.

Third-party case manufacturers have a mixed history where Apple cases are concerned, with many Chinese suppliers taking an educated guess as to what's coming next based on images leaked to the media.

After shots of a rumored iPad 5 which closely followed the design of an iPad mini surfaced last month, it's entirely possible these cases have been created using the same information.

With the spec-bumped iPad 4 released only four months ago, many Apple pundits expect the iPad 5 to debut this fall, presumably alongside a refreshed iPad mini.


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