Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PS Vita price cut 'quadruples' sales in Japan, so what about us, Sony?

PS Vita price cut 'quadruples' sales in Japan, so what about us, Sony?

Slicing a third off the price of a PS Vita in Japan seems to have had the desired effect for Sony with the company claiming sales of the console have risen four-fold in one week.

Last month Sony decided to counter slow uptake of the powerful handheld device by reducing both the Wi-Fi and 3G models to just 19,980 yen (that's around UK£139, USD$ 214 and AUD$ 208).

Now it seems that the high price point was all that was preventing gamers from jumping aboard the PS Vita bandwagon, with a huge surge after the new RRP came into effect on February 28.

The sales bump was announced by Hiroshi Kawano, President of SCEJ, during a presentation for the One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 title.

Share the love, Sony!

Although official figures will not be announced until tomorrow, the PS Vita shifted just 11,000 units in its homeland two weeks ago, so if Kawano's assertion is correct, the console will leap up to a respectable 44k.

Sony apparently has no plans to spread the love beyond its own borders by extending the price cuts to other territories, where the PS Vita is also struggling to gain traction.

Perhaps this news will convince Sony that it might be a good idea to place thousands more PS Vita consoles into the hands of software-buying individuals in the US, Europe and Australia?

There's also the PS4 factor to consider. Sony spend a decent portion of its next-gen console launch explaining the Remote Play concept for the PS4, so it would certainly be advantageous to arm more gamers with this tool?

It's also possible that the PS4 launch announcement generated a little more buzz around the PS Vita, which assisted the improved sales in Japan.

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