Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Adobe beefs up Marketing Cloud

Adobe beefs up Marketing Cloud

Adobe beefs up Marketing Cloud

Adobe has added a string of new capabilities to its Marketing Cloud service, and tightened its integration with the company's Creative Cloud in an effort to occupy what it sees as an open space in the market.

Changes include the introduction of a touch interface for mobile and a digital asset management (DAM) tool.

Neil Morgan, Director Digital Marketing for Adobe, told TRPro: "The strategy of the company is twofold. Firstly, the Creative Cloud is there to widen access to creative tools by using a cloud subscription model.

"Secondly, to provide greater capabilities for people to do something with the content. It's about how quickly you can get exciting content out there, see how it works and feed back into your business results." ;

Morgan said the overall capability of Marketing Cloud, a software-as-a-service available on a subscription, has been increased to speed up the use of digital content and support collaboration between teams.

The new features are: the touch interface for mobile devices; 'cloud cards' for marketing teams to share content or data; the cloud feed to give users a simple view of the cards relevant to them; unified login; integrated digital asset management to store, manage and share assets; and the campaign setup wizard. The latter two are not available immediately but will be so at an unspecified time in the coming months.

Adobe highlighted the importance of the DAM feature, which is now integrated with the Adobe Creative Cloud. It combines asset management with Adobe Scene 7, which can be used to produce dynamic imaging and videos.

Morgan said this makes it possible to create any content once and have it rendered automatically for different channels suc h as tablets and smartphones.

He added that Adobe had developed a standard edition of the media optimiser within the Marketing Cloud, which is aimed at companies with small search budgets. It brings together data relevant to keyword searches through different search engines.

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