Monday, January 7, 2013

Get ready for ultra scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 3

Get ready for ultra scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 3

Gorilla Glass is far from "primitive," and if an announcement Thursday about what its maker Corning has in store for CES 2013 is any indication, we should see some highly evolved products coming from the company.

The manufacturer plans to unveil Gorilla Glass 3 next week, a new glass composition that, according to an Engadget report, is markedly stronger than Gorilla Glass 1 and 2.

A Corning-made feature known as Native Damage Resistance is said to stymie flaws and scratches and uphold the overall retained strength of the glass even after knicks and dings.

What that means for the scratch-prone phone owners out there is a glass that's three times more scratch resistant, shows 40 percent less visible scratches and commands a 50 percent overall retained strength increase after glass is damaged.

Fiber time

Also coming to CES 2013 are Optical Cables by Corning, fiber-based, device-to-device connectors for Thunderbolt.

The cables are long, strong and take the transmission range of copper-based cables to school, Corning said in a press release.

Corning promised to reveal more on both products Jan. 7, so we'll bring you all the monkey business the company has planned for CES and beyond.

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