Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Microsoft to buy Dell?

Microsoft to buy Dell?

Microsoft to buy Dell?

The latest chatter from round the tech water cooler is that Microsoft is mulling buying Dell in a multibillion dollar purchase.

Sources described as "close to the matter" told CNBC that the Redmond company is looking to drop between $ 1- and $ 3-billion on the PC-making company.

The secret sources suggested that the cash injection would take the form of a leveraged buyout which would give Microsoft the controlling share in Dell.

For whom the Dell tolls

This tech company alliance makes sense given Microsoft's recent moves into hardware manufacture alongside its software divisions.

With an in-house manufacturer like Dell, it would instantly have an in to the worlds of PCs, laptops, notebooks and more tablets ( alongside its existing Surface range).

There's no way of knowing how far along these talks are or whether they'll ever be finalised given that Microsoft and Dell are keeping schtum on the matter for now; but with Michael Dell and Dell's corporate sponsor Silver Lake Partners reportedly meeting with Microsoft reps, it may not be long until it all goes through.

Which is fine, but what we all really want to know is how we should refer to this deal in shorthand - Microdell? Dellcrosoft? Mell?

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