Monday, June 17, 2013

AT&T reboots no contract GoPhone plans with 4G LTE this week

AT&T reboots no contract GoPhone plans with 4G LTE this week

AT&T reboots no contract GoPhone plans with 4G LTE this week

Pay-as-you-go wireless is light on the wallet and keeps customers unshackled from carrier agreements, but typically come with slower data speeds - a caveat AT&T will remedy this Friday.

PC Magazine reported Saturday that AT&T plans to reinvent its stodgy old GoPhone service this week, reworking the previous options and tapping into the carrier's burgeoning 4G LTE data.

Starting June 21, AT&T's entry level pay-as-you-go choice will be a $ 25 per month GoPhone plan offering infrequent talkers 250 minutes of nationwide calling plus unlimited text messaging; data can be added at a cost of $ 5 per 50MB, but only as a one-time purchase.

The next tier up keeps unlimited text, bumps calling to 500 minutes and adds 200MB of data; additional data can be added in 100MB increments at $ 5 each.

Go faster, GoPhone

Smartphone customers will be most interested in the top-of-the-line, $ 60 per month GoPhone package, which offers unlimited calling and texting as well as a more generous 2GB of data.

In all cases, the GoPhone data will take advantage of the company's fastest 4G LTE speeds (assuming you're using a compatible device), and the most expensive package can add data in 1GB increments for an extra $ 10 each.

Two other options will also available: $ 50 per month for unlimited talk and text with AT&T Wi-Fi only (no LTE data), or a basic phone package with 500 minutes and unlimited messaging and data for only $ 35 per month.

If you're in the market for a new smartphone, AT&T will also be discounting its Samsung Galaxy Express to an off-contract price of only $ 250, and all new GoPhone offerings will be available this Friday, June 21.


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