Friday, June 14, 2013

Apple may have to rely on Samsung for iPad mini 2 Retina display

Apple may have to rely on Samsung for iPad mini 2 Retina display

Apple may have to rely on Samsung for iPad mini 2 Retina display

It's been rumored for months that Apple wants to cease all its business with Samsung, but a new report claims that the Korean company will make displays for the rumored iPad mini 2 with Retina tech.

Samsung supplies displays and chips for various Apple devices, but the two companies have an ongoing legal spat that's been souring relations.

According to a report yesterday on ETNews, the iPhone maker is having a hard time finding a replacement for Samsung, though.

According to the Korean site, Apple can't find another firm that can deliver the goods with the same quality and consistency that Samsung does.

Divorce is a hassle anyway

Apple and Samsung's ongoing battle has long since stopped resembling a lover's tiff, and these days is looking closer to the two companies' own private World War III.

Most recently, Samsung won a partial import ban on some iPhones and iPads, though it's unlikely to affect consumers any time soon.

Around the same time it was revealed that 80 percent of Samsung's chip revenue comes from Apple devices.

So it seems both companies get something out of the relationship - even if it's a loveless marriage.

iPad mini 2 with Retina rumors

Ap ple's unannounced iPad mini successor will feature a pixel-dense Retina display, according to the latest rumors.

A story this week also claimed that Apple has multiple new iPhone variations in the works, including different sizes and price points.

Despite the difficulties, Apple may be forced to continue relying on Samsung for now, at last until a better partner can be found.

Keep your enemies close and your frenemies closer, right?

  • Even if it uses Samsung for displays, could Apple really drop it for iPhone 6 chips next year?

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