Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nintendo finally embraces the smartphone with Miiverse app

Nintendo finally embraces the smartphone with Miiverse app

Nintendo, not a big one for embracing the wider world of social networking and web, is unleashing its Miiverse as a smartphone and web-based app, after an announcement at this year's GDC.

The app itself, which will be available to download in May, will let users interact with other Miis in their community while on the go â€" posting comments, drawing pictures and what not.

But while idea of a portable Miiverse will be appealing to Wii U owners, the move speaks louder volumes about Nintendo's attitude to changing times - especially as 3DS owners will be the last ones to get the new app.

Things have been going less than brilliantly with the Wii U, des pite Nintendo attempting to reassure retailers otherwise. But there's no denying that the console has been held back by its lack true 'next-gen' horsepower.

So is this a sign that Nintendo is moving in a new direction? It's certainly possible that we could see the company moving further down this road.

Nintentional steps forward

Investors have been vocal in the past about wanting to see Nintendo port its games to non-Nintendo consoles, despite the company's resistance to do so.

Instead, Nintendo hoped that the Wii U's tablet-style controller would be the answer to an age of second-screening tablet fans, but it still remains limited to use within the home.

With Microsoft planning to make the next Xbox experience somewhat portable with Smartglass â€" and Sony going down a similarly social route with the PS4 â€" Nintendo's announcement suggest the company is making changes to break out of its traditional mold.

The question on our lips now is: could we one day see Nintendo making games for smartphones and tablets? If you'd asked us yesterday we'd have said not a chance, but now we're not so sure…

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