Monday, January 28, 2013

Office 2013 looks set to launch in New York City Tuesday

Office 2013 looks set to launch in New York City Tuesday

Office 2013 looks set to launch in New York City Tuesday

A new year, a new Office suite: Microsoft all but confirmed over the last few days that it will be launching Office 2013 Jan. 29. That's tomorrow for those without calendar access.

The news comes via a tweet blasted by the official Office team over the weekend with some deets on the release.

"More time to create the things you want," it read. "Coming to @BryantParkNYC on 1/29 #Timeto365."

While we won't know for sure until tomorrow whether Office 2013 really arrives or not, this looks like pretty distinct e vidence that is indeed the case.

Office party

What's more, a teaser site has this message splashed against a red-orange screen: "Coming January 29th. More time to do the things you want," bookended by a "#timeto365" hashtag.

Manufacturers got their mitts on the Windows 8-treated Office 2013 back in October, but now it looks like the rest of us are up for consideration.

At the time, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Office Division, Kirk Koenigsbauer said the next-gen of Office would be available to regular folk during the first quarter of 2013 and if tomorrow pans out as Office day, Koenigsbauer will have been spot on.

As part of its Office offerings , Microsoft will introduce a new, subscription-based version of the line called Office 365 Home Premium. The suite is downloadable and locally installable (unlike other Office 365 SKUs that are Microsoft-hosted).

Users will be charged a monthly or annual fee of around US$ 8.33 a month, or about US$ 100 a year, that lets them install the program and/or Office for Mac 2011 SKUs on up to five devices, plus other perks.

A one-time buy of Office 2013 Home & Student will run US$ 139 on one PC while Home & Business 2013 rings up to US$ 219.

If we are indeed looking at an Office party tomorrow, Microsoft should fill in any blanks in pricing. Stay tuned to TechRadar for all the latest.

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