Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CSIRO's new tech can turn 2D images from a tablet into a 3D model

CSIRO's new tech can turn 2D images from a tablet into a 3D model

CSIRO's new tech can turn 2D images from a tablet into a 3D model

The CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, is patenting new Smart Vision technology that can transform 2D images from a tablet or smartphone into a 3D image.

Smart Vision reads the 2D pixels from an image, to transform the pixels into a real-time 3D face-sensing model.

"Our computer modelling experts have developed a more accurate and reliable way to create a 3D scan of a person's face using newly developed algorithms that can turn 2D images from a mobile camera into a 3D model of the face," said Simon Lucey, Group Research Leader for CSIRO's Digital Productivity and Services Flagship.

He also explained that the technolo gy can also calculates size to create a more realistic and individual experience for each user.

Smarter shopping

With the Smart Vision licensed to Glasses.com, the US-based online eyewear retailer has used the technology to create an iPad app that will allow users to try on new frames using their own 3D-modelled face.

"We didn't want to just replicate the offline shopping experience - we wanted to improve it," said Jonathan Coon, CEO of Glasses.com's parent company 1-800 Contacts.

"Throughout the development stages, we've worked to create a tool that's so true-to-life it's not only fun, but actually useful in making a purchasing decision."

The app creates a true-to-life 180 degree view of the customers face, showing how each pair fits and sits in 3D, while also allowing you to compare the 3D images.

Though Glasses.com's app is currently only available to iPad uses, the technology can be used in conjunction with an app on any mobile device and could be used for other things, like security.

Of course, if licensed by other retailers, it will sure make online shopping so much easier with just a few pre-purchase selfies added to the mix.


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