Tuesday, April 30, 2013

iPhone 5S may celebrate its independence in July

iPhone 5S may celebrate its independence in July

iPhone 5S may celebrate its independence in July

As we draw nearer to the start of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, reports of what the Cupertino company is bringing to the table have been escalating.

It just so happens that rumors about the iPhone 5S have been plentiful these past few weeks, with many sources pointing to the updated smartphone making a showing at WWDC.

We've already heard Apple may be readying the iPhone 5S for a summer launch, with s ome sources indicating the iPhone 5 successor is already well into production.

Those claims became a little more grounded on Monday, when marketing materials for Japanese telecommunications company KDDI leaked possible pre-order and release dates for the iPhone 5S.

Summer blockbuster

According to the leaked documents for KDDI's au wireless service, pre-orders for the iPhone 5S will begin on June 20, with the smartphone arriving at some time in July.

The leaked info also indicated the iPhone 5S will feature a 13MP camera, a fingerprint reader, and iOS 7, which are all certainly specifics we've heard touted at least once before.

French website Nowhereelse.fr uncovered the paperwork, w ith Apple Insider pointing out docs like this are used by the staff at official carrier stores as cheat sheets of a sort.

The June 20 pre-order window certainly jibes with what we've heard previously, and fits in with the timeline of an announcement of the 5S at WWDC during the week of June 10-14.

Releasing the iPhone 5S relatively soon after the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 rather than later in the year would help Apple keep pace with its rivals, but rumors about iPhone release dates are about as common as the phone itself.

Until some more concrete evidence arrives, we won't be waiting for the summer winds to blow in the iP hone 5S.


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