Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blip: LucasArts goes the way of Alderaan with Disney decision

Blip: LucasArts goes the way of Alderaan with Disney decision

The force is no longer with LucasArts, the game publishing arm of the Lucasfilm franchise now owned by Disney.

Game Informer said it received confirmation from a Lucasfilm rep that Arts is switching from "an internal development to a licensing model." Kotaku reported that 150 people were laid off and questions remain about whether current projects, like Star Wars 1313, will be released.

Anyone who's watched the LucasArts saga unfold has witnessed something akin to a galactic battle for relevancy: many of its Star Wars' themed games have gone nowhere, while Star Wars Battlefront III's cancellation led to an ugly tuss le between Arts and developer Free Radical.

Aside from the LEGO Indiana Jones series, the professor hasn't achieved much pick-up either. Lagging in-house development and a revolving door of management are yet more factors that likely led Disney to shutter the game maker. Though a sad day for lovers of LucasArts, Disney looks to have acted with more business savvy than Darth Vader-like malice.

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